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Land of Dharma
The most famous religious destination in India and one of the oldest pilgrim destinations of the world, Kurukshetra is located in Haryana district. Kurukshetra derives its name from King Kuru, whose name is closely connected with the sacred epic of Hinduism, Mahabharata. Kurukshetra was the venue of the legendary battle that took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, in which Pandavas seized the ultimate victory with the help of Lord Sri Krishna. It was on this battlefield that Lord
Splendoured Valley
One of India’s most coveted National Natural parks, the Valley of Flowers in Uttarkhand, was unknown to the outside world until its glories were unveiled in a book called ‘The Valley of Flowers’ by Mr. Frank S. Smith - mountaineer, explorer, botanist, in 1937. The book describes the beauty and floral splendours of the valley and throws open the doors of this verdant jewel to nature enthusiasts all over the world. The Valley of Flowers, an irresistible wonder for nature lovers, bot
Rewind in Melaka's Chinatown
The one thing that distinguishes Melaka’s Chinatown from other Chinatowns in Malaysia is its infectious laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal getaway for the weekend and a romantic stroll through the passage of time. Due to its unique mix of architecture and heritage, Melaka’s Chinatown now enjoys a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Here, Chinatown comprises three streets filled with temples and traditional Dutch-inspired shop-houses hosting an amalgam of sights, sounds, taste