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Gujarat is more than an industrial harbour
Gujarat, known as “The Jewel of the West”, is a state where commerce has always been a part of its history, ever since the ancient times, being the location of the main centres of the Indus Valley Civilization, such as Dholavira and Lothal - the latter considered to be one of the first seaports in the world. As one of the most developed states in India, it also presents a valuable heritage of culture and traditions. It also has a very strong tradition in crafting.The former capital of the st
Wonderful Sabah
Sabah, the world’s third largest Island is romantically   known   as the land below the wind, which lies below the tropical typhoon belt roughly 6 degree north of the equator and spreading across the northern tip of Borneo. This   Island’s seemingly endless beaches, rocky fore shores and coastal mangroves stretch for almost 1500km. Kota kinabalu , the capital is the international gate way to Sabah, which is  less than a three hour flight from major
Travel with Soul to Enjoy the Pulse of Kerala
A journey through, Kumarakom Village Life Experience- a Responsible Tourism initiative of Kerala - God’s Own  CountrySome masterpieces are created by man and nature together; Kumarakom is one such which has a unique position on the tourist map of Kerala in India, popularly known as  God’s Own Country. Now, responsible tourism activities, which was initiated by authorities with the support of Tourism and hospitality industry stake holders, in this tiny backwater village have acclaim