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Women Entrepreneurs-New light in the horizon
  • March 2018

A big area of research still remains empty in focus on the differences between female and male entrepreneurs with regard to several aspects, such as access to capital, personal characteristics and motivations. Entrepreneurial motivations among women are increasing in recent times due to various factors like government support, education among women, and urge for economic independence etc.

 While looking around the globe Women hold more ministerial positions in tourism than in any other field. Nevertheless, one in five tourism board (NTAs) CEOs are women, and only one in four tourism industry associations have a woman chair. In March 2010, 21% percent of countries had a women tourism minister compared to 17% of ministerial positions in general. The highest proportion of women tourism ministers is in Africa, where one third of all tourism ministers are women. In African countries, the post of tourism minister is almost twice as likely to be held by a woman as other ministerial posts. In contrast, just 6% of tourism ministers in the Caribbean and 15% in Asia are women. Analysis of tourist boards shows just over 20% are run by women. The Caribbean was the region with the most women tourist board CEOs (35%). In seven out of the 23 Caribbean countries, the chairperson of the tourism board is a woman. Tourism associations are slightly more like to have a women chair.

 The inherent abilities of innovative  thinking, self motivation, persistence, persuasiveness along with favourable external factors like Education, government Policies for women entrepreneurs have acted as catalysts resulting in the growth of women entrepreneurship. Tourism is suitable for women as nature and expectations of tourism industry are conducive for the manifestation of the inherent qualities (Entrepreneurial abilities) of women. There are women entrepreneurship concerns the barriers and constrains women face in the process of becoming, and being, entrepreneurs.

 The policy makers play a big hand in materialize the idea to equilibrate the rights and opportunities of men and women as a matter of social justice. In the case of the rationale of resources, some policy makers have created the concept of smart economics to denominate the process of getting the best of an underutilized part of the population and the labor force: women. As the place of women has been relegated to their homes and families, it is high time to understand the dynamics of female entrepreneurs.

 As March arrives with International Women’s Day,  we have a bunch of female entrepreneurs, whose focus and strategies made their tourism and hospitality businesses successful with their commitment  to social responsibility in a challenging business environment.  This is the right time to draw literature about some outstanding Women Entrepreneurs from India in the world of Travel &Tourism sector.



 Rajani. A

Executive Editor

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