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Binge Drinking
  • September 2014
Binge drinking is the term used to describe a single session of heavy alcohol intake (normally five or more drinks for men, and four or more drinks for women). The result is almost always intoxication, with an increased risk of severe dehydration, diziness, vomiting and alcohol poisoning. Many people, especially of the younger generation, are under the allusion that if they drink nothing all week, they can 'save up' their recommended units of alcohol for one drinking session. This theory is false and can be extremely dangerous. With every unit of alcohol you consume, it takes your liver an hour to process it and remove the alcohol from your bloodstream. Therefore, drinking several units in one session results in your liver having to work much harder, often becoming strained and damaged. Binge drinking can impair your judgement, cause memory loss or even cause feelings of rage and violence, so should be avoided at all costs. Remember, it is safer to consume one small drink a day than numerous drinks in one session every week. 

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